the most beautiful original beach in China, about

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Baojun Yue is indeed very important in shaping the sense of atmosphere, such as the most frequently contacted parts such as the steering wheel, door panels, handrails and seats, with a soft leather cover area of 0.52 inches, while the upper and lower covering / door panels and other details of the dashboard are covered with high-grade fog bread, with an area of 0.64 inches, with a total soft covering area of 1.16 inches. It also provides self-black interior with physical black and functional green and monologue interior with beach rice white and gun ash metal.

Camping mats, also known as lawn mats, outdoor picnic mats, beach mats, moistureproof mats, tent mats and so on. Mainly used in suburbs, gardens and grasslands. Soft texture, easy to carry, not only can take good care of grass, let them thrive, add green to the earth, its fashionable integration of natural colors can also add a lot of fun to camping.

Each sand-proof towel is created by local weavers and tassel manufacturers in Greece and Turkey and can also be used as a beach mat, and their oversized but lightweight nature allows them to immediately become aprons or covers, making it an ideal companion for your beach escape and seaside adventure. Delivered in Greece through the Greek postal express company “ACS” and delivered abroad.

In addition, introduce more “first shop” and “debut show”, cultivate more local brands and introduce more international brands, and further attract domestic and foreign business investors and operators to “seize the beach” in Guangzhou.

Check-in time from 2pm to 12:00 the next day (summer check-in time may be delayed by 1-2 hours); check-in inns are similar to website pictures, many rooms do not guarantee certain physical pictures; all rooms have separate bathrooms; the inn does not provide towels, please bring your own towels, other disposable toiletries are consistent with the hotel; the beach is free, parking is charged. Special reminder: due to the shortage of housing supply, once decided, there will be no rescheduling and non-refund except force majeure; housing prices will sometimes fluctuate with the flow of people, weather and other factors, once settled, regardless of house price fluctuations, no increase in money will not make up the price difference.

the most beautiful original beach in China, about

After lunch, I went to [Xiapu Gaoluo Beach], which can be called the longest of the longest. This is probably the most beautiful original beach in China, about 3000 meters long and more than 200 meters wide. You can listen to the rhythmic waves and the rustling of the coniferous trees on the simple white beach. Let your mind settle down. After a whole day of sunshine and picnics, you can go to sleep comfortably under the twinkling stars at night. The sand quality of the beach is very delicate, and the whole sand goes down from the shore, which is thick first and then fine, loose first and then hard. There are basically no impurities in the whole beach, the sand can not be grasped in the hands, the fine sand is soft and soft, the start is silent, and there is no trace on the feet.

The so-called wild picnic actually means outdoors. So the choice of outdoor space directly affects your Beagle. The seaside beach can kill almost all venues (except non-public venues).