mother, thermos cup, glasses, racket, medicine box, towel , sphygmomanometer, and even

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At 11:00, a colleague came to change shift. we first came in to explain to our colleagues the details, where to put all kinds of items, how to protect them, how to deal with medical waste, how to do a good job of disinfection, and so on. Strictly follow the aseptic operation procedure to take off the protective clothing, the mask is full of water droplets. As soon as we got back to the dormitory arranged for us by the hospital, our colleagues smiled and said that the hospital had prepared enough daily necessities for us, and we were still choosing towels and toothbrushing cups of our favorite color, and then we went to the bathroom to wash our faces and brush our teeth. They all said they found the feeling of the university dormitory, .

mother, thermos cup, glasses, racket, medicine box, towel , sphygmomanometer, and even

4. Patients with allergic rhinitis should pay attention to which kind of substance is allergic and avoid contact as far as possible. Go to places with less pollen and less exposure to pungent odors. It is best to use a small towel instead of a napkin when wiping your nose, so as not to aggravate the attack of allergic rhinitis because of dust or essence.

Bought a wooden box, portrait of her mother, thermos cup, glasses, racket, medicine box, towel, sphygmomanometer, and even the mask she wore on the day she left, leaving more than a dozen of her most common clothes, four pairs of shoes, two bags, basically full of boxes. The rest of the clothes I can wear are left to wear, the unwearable coats and sweaters are donated to the recycling bins in the community, and underwear and other things are burned by her.

Many people of the older generation will squeeze the R head for the child after the baby is born, which is a very dangerous behavior and may cause R head infection. It is recommended to use warm towels or cotton swabs to clean the skin of the R head for the child.

mother, thermos cup, glasses, racket, medicine box, towel , sphygmomanometer, and even

two。 Strong acid corrosion. First wipe the wound with a clean towel, rinse with plenty of water, then rinse with saturated sodium bicarbonate solution (or dilute ammonia or soapy water), rinse with water, and finally apply glycerin. If splashed into the eye, first rinse with a lot of water, and then rinse with sodium bicarbonate solution, serious cases sent to the hospital for treatment.

According to the notices of various documents from superiors, our school has developed “life teacher work process”, “pre-kindergarten hygiene disinfection process”, “pre-meal disinfection process”, “towel washing process”, “infant water cup and tableware washing process”, “class book disinfection process”, “toy disinfection process”, “sanitary disinfection process after toilet” and other flow charts compiled into volumes. And organize the life teacher to learn and master the work flow, and then deepen the study combined with the paper version of materials and examination questions. I believe that every teacher can master it well and lay a solid foundation for all kinds of work after the opening of the park,

Goal-oriented product recommendation: abstract product attributes can be used to connect product scenarios, events, occupations, etc., for the same purpose, so they can be used for goal-oriented product recommendations. For example, a user buys a product “swimsuit” to suit the event-“hot spring”. Therefore, users may also need facial masks, suitcases, towels, mobile phone waterproof bags and so on.

mother, thermos cup, glasses, racket, medicine box, towel , sphygmomanometer, and even

The water supply company once again reminds the general public that when you go out for a long time in extremely cold weather and there is no one at home, please close the indoor tap water valve and empty the water pipe to prevent the indoor water pipe from breaking. For residential properties that have not yet implemented the water meter out of the house and the master meter water supply, please pay attention to the anti-freezing and warm work of the water supply facilities. In the case of freezing pipe freezing meter, please close the door valve, then use hot towels to wrap with warm water, or thaw with electric hair dryer warm air, do not bake or hot water directly to avoid pipe leakage loss. In case of water supply pipe burst, “running and dripping” and so on, please call the water supply service hotline 3113771. If the hotline is busy, please do not worry, wait patiently, the company will solve the water supply problem in the shortest possible time and serve the public wholeheartedly.

One of the most important differences between open eye trauma and closed eye trauma lies in emergency treatment. Open eye trauma requires emergency treatment, including pre-hospital first aid. For example, open trauma, then when the patient comes, do not squeeze your eyes with your hands, but cover them with clean gauze. If there is really no way, cover it with a very new towel and do not flush it with water. Of course, there is also a kind of eye trauma, that is, chemical injury, sulfuric acid and alkali go in, it must be washed with water, open eye trauma can not be wiped with things, ointment and so on can not be directly sent to the hospital.