a set of swimsuits, clean clothes and towel s for the children.

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The biggest boost in the first half of the year is 618, when it is summer, whether it is bathing frequency or swimming, how can there be a soft, instantly absorbent towel / bath towel?

After instructor Li explained the points for attention, the children entered the fire tent in batches under the leadership of the teacher. The entrance and exit of the “escape tent” are set separately, with shading curtains and tortuous partition walls in the tent. Under the guidance of the teacher, young children feel the simulated state of the fire in the tent. In the tent, the children know to bend over, cover their mouth and nose with wet towels, and calmly look for the “escape exit.”

The hotel has complete facilities, including Chinese and Western restaurants, multi-functional conference rooms, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, tennis courts, squash courts, gym, chess and card room, party room, parent-child park, parent-child paradise, parent-child bowling, parent-child restaurant, parent-child fishing area and so on. Created by Kuya parent-child room, tents, rocking horses, flying chess carpets, super flash embroidered towels, wash cups, anti-slide, anti-skid mats, so that energetic children can soar in the flash world.

Unsterilized pool water or dirty water is an important way to cause the spread of pinkeye, and hands, towels and water infected with the virus can become vectors. If too much bleach is used in the swimming pool, it will also cause damage to the eyes, which can easily lead to the symptoms of redness in the eyes.

1. On the day of the event, teachers, parents and children wore dark clothes and brought a set of swimsuits, clean clothes and towels for the children. Teachers and parents provided a change of clothes.

a set of swimsuits, clean clothes and towel s for the children.

In the multi-function hall of the kindergarten, Uncle Liu, the fire squadron, led the children to understand how the fire happened. He introduced in detail the use of commonly used fire-fighting equipment and equipment, and introduced how to escape in a fire in the form of animated short films, focusing on how to cover the mouth and nose with wet towels and bend over to the wall to walk and escape. The children and teachers present listened attentively and learned valuable fire fighting knowledge.

With the emergency alarm sounded, the drill began, and the teachers quickly organized the students to evacuate and escape. According to the safe evacuation route, the teachers of each class led the students to cover their mouths and noses with wet towels, stooped and walked quickly, and the whole exercise was organized in an orderly manner, nervous without panic. After the students were quickly evacuated to the designated safe area of the playground, the teachers of each class immediately counted the number of students, and then reported the number of students who had been safely evacuated to the person in charge of the grade, and finally reported the total number of students to the drill commander, Vice Principal Li Ting. the total duration of the fire emergency evacuation exercise is two minutes and 23 seconds.

This Kathmandu toiletry bag also boasts a hanging hook, allowing you to effortlessly suspend it from towel racks or hooks in the bathroom. No need to worry about limited counter space; this clever feature ensures your grooming essentials are always within reach. You can bid farewell to the hassle of unpacking and repacking every time you move from one location to another.

Continental Hotel in Sumi has seven outdoor swimming pools, large and small. Five of them are in villas, which are blue, yellow, orange, red and purple pools. Purple swimming pool is the largest and most upscale three-bedroom villa private swimming pool in the hotel. This five-color swimming pool is very distinctive. For example, the floor tiles at the bottom of the swimming pool are blue, and so are the towels on the side of the recliner.

Watching you disappear behind the towel again and again, ta will gradually know that even if you are gone for a while, you still exist. The mastery of this ability is the prerequisite for the baby to develop his language ability.

a set of swimsuits, clean clothes and towel s for the children.