the dashboard with towel s or cleaning agents. Before cleaning

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In my memory, Ella, a 24k pure female man and tomboy, was the first to become a mother. I saw her generously share her mommy bag with everyone in the variety show, the foldable diaper mat she brought out, the incandescent lamp to coax the baby to sleep, the thermos cup filled with water, and the indispensable saliva towels for the baby.

The car room is clean. The cleaning operation is carried out after dust removal, and the purpose is to remove dirt attached or impregnated on the interior surface. The basic supplies are towels and related cleaning and care products. When cleaning the car room, it is also required to follow the principle from high to low, that is, from the ceiling to fiber fabric, glass, dashboard, door edge, after cleaning carpets, car floor mats and so on.

What is special about the inner layer is that there is a layered board. When it is put down, it is a whole space. If it is pulled up and stuck, the mommy bag will be divided into two spaces. I usually put diapers, sweat towels, wet paper towels and the like on the upper layer, which can be obtained by unzipping and baby clothes on the bottom. When you get it, you can unzip it from the back of the backpack and get it without having to flip through the whole bag to get the bottom thing.

the dashboard with towel s or cleaning agents. Before cleaning

Interior decoration is an important work of maintenance, clean and comfortable interior can bring you a new feeling. Dip soapy water or detergent with a towel or sponge and scrub every corner of the dashboard. It should be noted that before cleaning the chemical fiber surface, use a dust cleaner to absorb the dust, then soak it with a special textile cleaner for a few minutes, and then scrub it with a towel after the dust is dissolved. Chromium plated surfaces should also be scrubbed frequently to maintain their brightness.

For women, often using hot towels or hot bags to heat up the breast can effectively promote the blood circulation of the breast, thus reducing the possibility of breast hyperplasia or breast nodules. Not only that, often in the bath on the breast part of the appropriate massage, but also can prevent breast hyperplasia and breast nodules, and to a certain extent, to prevent breast cancer or breast fibroma and other diseases have a very good help, can effectively take care of the health of the breast.

In fact, in winter, few drivers will choose to turn on the warm air of the car air conditioner, because they all think that the car air conditioner will make people feel stuffy and dyspnea, and some people think that it is OK to turn on the external circulation, which actually has no effect. Simply not open, but the front windshield fog is another story, many drivers to deal with the front windshield fog is to use warm wind to blow on the glass. Some drivers just take out the prepared towels and start cleaning the glass. It is very dangerous to clean the glass while driving, and this method can only remove the fog for a short time, and it will be cleaned again soon.

the dashboard with towel s or cleaning agents. Before cleaning

Children like it very much. when they see the adults take it out, they rush to ask for paper towels to wipe their hands. The texture touches the softness OK, the water absorption is also good, anyway is the regular guest in the go-out bag.

Mommy bag: the foreign trade company calls it a diaper bag, which is a powerful necessary bag for travel, which can hold clothes for women and children, and has very complete functions, with outstanding functions: dry and wet separation, key chain, paper towels, milk bottle bag heat preservation, etc., and has large capacity and dirt resistance. Shiling lequeen mommy bag customization manufacturers give priority to Langta backpack factory

Then how to find welfare products? How to quickly issue an order and draw points? The first step is that we can dock the supply chain or wholesale website products, such as paper towels, socks, garbage bags, spoons, and so on. Remember, do not use those products that are easy to be damaged and sold. Then add the products to the backstage of our own store, and the price is set to two yuan for free delivery, because products that are now less than two yuan will not enter the rating assessment. If our store has the permission to select alliance, add the product to the general promotion plan, set a commission of 10% Murray and 20%, and then cooperate with the VJ, because the VJ also needs our welfare products to pull the transaction and traffic in the LVB room.

the dashboard with towel s or cleaning agents. Before cleaning

The storage compartment in the interior space is also designed very carefully, and the whole car of the new Buick Ankora has more than 20 storage spaces. The application of electronic handbrake improves the storage capacity of the sub-dashboard; the insert design in the cup holder area is ingenious and flexible, and there is a storage space in the lower layer of the cup holder, which can be used for mobile phones, glasses, water cups, paper towels, cosmetic bags and other personal items. The storage compartment on the inside of the door can hold mineral water, and mineral water and kettles can also be placed after the middle armrest of the rear seat is put down. The suitcase adopts a double-layer storage design, and two storage modes can be realized by adjusting the height of the cover plate. Mode one, the suitcase height is flush with the inverted rear seats, making it convenient and flexible to store and pick up things; mode two increases the longitudinal depth of the suitcase, together with the folding and leveling of the second row of seats, which can achieve an expansion of up to 1291L, which can basically accommodate folding bicycles, tents and other outdoor supplies to meet the needs of consumers for short trips.

2. Cleaning of vehicle interiors: Gansu High Speed Railway School believes that the cleaning of interiors is an important part of seasonal maintenance, scrubbing every part of the dashboard with towels or cleaning agents. Before cleaning the chemical fiber surface, use a dust cleaner to absorb the dust, then soak it with detergent for a few minutes, wait for the dust to dissolve, and then scrub it with a towel. When it is found that the chromium-plated surface has been scratched, it should be sealed in time to prevent the corrosion from spreading.