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The dressing room is equipped with drinking water, a full set of towels and slippers. No longer need to swim and pack a lot of things, the swimming experience here is just a word “great”.

When blowing your hair, wrap your hair in a towel. The advantage of this is that it can reduce the heat of the hairdryer and cause great damage to the hair, and it will not let the hair lose its own moisture. In addition, some insulated hair care essential oils can also achieve the same effect, because the keratin in the hair is very sensitive to heat, so it is necessary to reduce thermal stimulation.

If you scrub it now, it will probably not be clean. In general, businesses will be equipped with a bucket next to the machine, at this time, first put some water in the bucket, and then shoot some foam in the bucket with a foam gun, and then scrub the car body with a brush or towel. Because of the bucket, the details under the wheel hub and door can also be scrubbed. After scrubbing the car body with the foam and water in the bucket. Flushing the foam on the car body with a water gun. If conditions permit, guests are advised to dry the car with their own towels. You can pause the machine while cleaning the car. In this way, the price of self-service car wash is about 6 to 8 yuan. You can scrub your car clean!

To maintain good respiratory hygiene habits, cover your mouth and nose with paper towels and towels when coughing or sneezing. Wash hands frequently and avoid touching eyes, nose or mouth as much as possible. Eat a balanced diet, exercise properly and have plenty of rest. Avoid close contact with patients with influenza-like symptoms, influenza epidemic season, as far as possible to avoid crowd gathering places. After the emergence of influenza-like symptoms, patients were isolated and observed at home, went to work without illness, went to class, and wore masks when they came into contact with family members to reduce the spread of the disease. When patients with influenza-like symptoms go to the hospital, patients and attendants should wear masks to avoid cross-infection. Return to Sohu to see more

During the epidemic, swimming pools and public bathrooms are still not recommended, so it is not recommended to open swimming pools and public bathrooms. If it is opened again after the end of the epidemic, the relevant disinfection and cleaning work will be done according to the routine, and the routine cleaning and regular disinfection will be maintained. Central air conditioners should be cleaned and disinfected. Public goods, towels and slippers should also be cleaned and disinfected. The disinfection of swimming pool water and bath water is also critical. (Zhang Liubo, a researcher at the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention) Source: CCTV

1. Warm Soaks and Ice Packs: Alternating between warm water soaks and ice packs can help relieve pain and reduce inflammation associated with bunions. Soaking your feet in warm water with Epsom salt for about 20 minutes and then applying an ice pack wrapped in a towel can offer temporary relief.

When the washing was almost finished, my mother went to the other room to get a towel. The valve of the solar water heater suddenly burst, and the water was sprayed on the well-off body. The 7-year-old brother and 4-year-old sister ran fast and unhurt, while Xiao Kangkang crawled out crying. When his mother rushed in to pick him up, he was beyond recognition.

Maintaining good personal hygiene habits is an important means to prevent respiratory infectious diseases such as influenza. Strengthen your physique and immunity; wash hands frequently; keep the environment clean and ventilated; reduce activities to crowded places as far as possible during the influenza epidemic season to avoid contact with patients with respiratory tract infection; cover nose and mouth with upper arm or paper towels or towels when coughing or sneezing, wash hands after coughing or sneezing, and avoid touching eyes, nose or mouth as far as possible; rest at home when respiratory tract infection occurs and seek medical treatment as soon as possible.